Tasting Tuesday with Devon’s Finest Crab and Lobster


Let’s Get Cracking!

Alan Henderson,of Henderson Seafood, believes in “quality, availability and sustainability” and we, in turn, believe in him! Trawler fishing damages – sometimes permanently – the seabed. Alan and his son, Shaun, hand selects the crab and lobster from their pots to guarantee they are the right size and age to ensure sustainability and succulence. Don your apron and gloves as the Henderson’s teach you how to tackle your crustaceans and tease out that sweet meat. We will serve Japanese dipping sauces as well as lobster and crab dishes fresh from the Devon waters. See the experts in action here https://www.hendersonseafood.co.uk/. Join us for this exclusive Tasting Tuesday on the 1st of November at Sushi and Robata, Wholefoods Market, High Street Kensington. Tasting starts at 18.45 – 20.30.

Go to events@sushirobataLDN.co.uk or via Eventbrite.co.uk to secure your free ticket. (Drinks not included in this free offer)

Best Wishes,

The Sushi and Robata Team