Canton Tea Tasting Tuesday


It’s All About the Tea

Sushi and Robata’s very own executive chef Masa Tanaka has teamed up with Jennifer Wood, founder of Canton Tea for a spectacular tea tasting event. Jennifer Wood was always a passionate tea drinker, but it was when she realized that she had unwittingly been drinking tea more valuable than gold that she started Canton Tea Co. She travels the world to tea farms and forges partnerships with small, family run farms to make handmade teas. Masa has created 7 extraordinary dishes incorporating tea as the key ingredient and Jennifer has matched each with a unique Canton Tea.

7 Tasting Plates Matched with Canton Teas

English Breakfast Jelly in Tomato &

Tomato Carpaccio with Japanese Green Tea Dressing and Alfalfa Sprout

served with Canton Jasmine Pearls

Mackerel Sashimi cured with Genmaicha

served with Canton Hojicha

Jasmine Cha Wan Mu Shi

(steamed savory custard)

served with Canton Dragon Well.

Prawn and Broccoli Tempura in Green Tea Batter and with Matcha Sea Salt

served with refreshing Canton Triple Mint

Salt Baked Hojicha Duck Leg

served with Canton Chocolate Tea

Sencha Smoked Scallops

served with Canton Big Red Robe

Ice Cream Tempura with Earl Grey  Ice Cream

served with Canton Chai Cocktail Shooer

Executive Chef Masa Tanaka and Jennifer Wood will be hosting two tea tastings at the Tasting Tuesday table on October 25 and November 22. By invitation only, please email to enter a draw for a very special Tasting Tuesday.

It’s definitely time for tea! #teatime