Armit Wines hosts 3 upcoming events at Sushi and Robata


The Sushi and Robata Tasting Tuesday’s are back with 3 great wine events hosted by Armit Wines. Have a look and see what takes your fancy, either contact us on or via

Armit Wines hosts Rock Around the World with Riesling at Sushi and Robata

Tuesday the 27th of September, 19.00-20.30, £20.00.

Riesling – fruit forward and fragrant – has always topped the list of wine recommendations for Japanese food. Traditionally from the Rhine area of Germany, Riesling is a versatile, fragrant, ‘terroir expressive’ varietal that strongly reflects the region and soil where it is grown and it is grown more widely than you’d think.

Our tasting starts in Riesling’s German origins and continues with some A List selections from Austria, Alsace, Australia and Argentina. Book here: or via

A Superior British Offering by Digby Champagne

Tuesday the 4th of October, 19.00-20.30, free.

Named in honour of Sir Kenelm Digby, the 17th C philosopher, theologian and ‘father of the modern wine bottle,’ Digby Fine English is quite simply the Best of the British. Made in the traditional manner from British grapes grown in Kent, Sussex and Hampshire, Digby Fine English creates sparkling wines brim full of character, simply put British character.
Please raise your glasses: for all we are and all that we wish to be, Sir Kenelm Digby, we islanders salute you! We will be matching this fine champagne with our finest sashimi, sushi treats from our autumn menu and a grand finale of one of our newest creations from the dessert menu. Book here: or via

Autumnal Sensations: Robata and Red Wine

Tuesday the 18th of October, 19.00-20.30, free

The advent of autumn brings with a change of colour: we welcome the warmth of robust Robata and Red Wine! We will pair some our heartier dishes with red wines that are rich, bold and organic. We will also offer a taste of uber-organic bio-dynamic viticulture.

Bio-dynamic farming, proposed by Austrian philosopher Rudolf Steiner, is a holistic view of agriculture where the soil is considered a discreet organism within the wider ecosystem of the farm, or vineyard. Bio-dynamic is organic by nature but also has a spiritual element. Each glass will be match one of our seasonal autumn dishes from the Robata menu – depth, temptation and packed full of umami. Book here: or via